Welcome to Homeschool Architecture !!!                                          

Homeschool Architecture is excited to offer the THREE online architecture courses:

1.  Introduction to Architecture for Middle & High School Students (11 years old+)*

2.  Advanced Architecture  for those who have successfully completed the Intro to Architecture Course. 


3.  "Structures" for Students Ages 7-12.


We've created three 9- 18 week courses that will introduce your student to the very beginning elements of Architecture:  

Introduction to Architecture*.  Emailed reviews and weekly feedback will provide students the opportunity to explore the exciting and challenging field of Architecture!!  If you are taking this course for a grade or high school credit, your instructor will be happy to provide a "report card" and a "suggested credit earned" document for your records.  Usually 1/2 high school credit is suggested.  The work in this course will provide significant work for college applications and AP Art portfolios.  

This is a fascinating course that combines:  logic, math, writing, history, art and design among other subjects.  The study of architecture is one of the most well rounded courses available and one of the most FUN!!!  You will find your instructor to be fun, personable, very positive and understanding, yet precise in what needs to be done. 

This is an independent course.  You may begin it at any time.  Tuition:  $150

Advanced Architecture* (for those that have completed the Intro to Architecture Course).!  These are 12 Lesson Courses that can be taken in 9 or 18 weeks.  These courses will help your student dive deeper into the depths of design.  They follow a similar format to the Intro to Architecture Course.   One half high school credit (based on about 90 hours of work) is suggested for both of these courses.  This is an independent course.   Tuition:   $175 

Beginning January 2014, we will be offering a"Structures"course for students ages 7-12.  This includes 9 lessons that will come to you weekly.  You will have access to the sites for 12 weeks giving you some freedom to work at your own pace.  Students will have fun learning new ways to create different types of "structures" each week.   Most activities will take 1-2 hours to complete.  This course is a lot of fun even for older students!  The next sessions of this course begin April 7th or June 11th .  Students may begin registering NOW for theses sessions.   Inquire about “Structures Summer Camp 2014”!   Tuition:  $95

When can you get started?? - Today!!  You may begin Introduction to Architecture and Advanced Architecture as soon as you area ready!

*Note.. If you have an 8-11 year old that would like to take the Introduction to Architecture or Advanced Architecture courses online, please indicate that when ordering .  Suggested adaptations will be sent.

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